The Duality of Emotions

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For the longest time, emotions were all consuming. They would swoop in and take over, leaving little to no room to breathe. I remember the days I couldn’t get out of bed, where whatever I was feeling in that moment was too overwhelming. A lot has shifted since then, but I can’t pinpoint one thing that made them easier.

Taking time to make space for, sit with, and not suppress emotions has made them more bearable. When you try to escape them, they chase you. It becomes a cat and mouse game of when are you going to notice me? When are you going to acknowledge my presence? When are you going to feel? The more you run the bigger they get, gaining power and strength to overtake you. They have a purpose, every emotion does. There is a message for you. A simple reminder of being human.


Often our emotions are messengers to take time for yourself. There is a hidden lesson or growth indicator trying to make itself known to you. Resistance in our life can be signaling a time to re-evaluate, change our approach, or even change course. Feeling angry or disrespected signals a boundary being crossed or our needs being unmet. Sadness in time of loss is wanting us to grieve… grieve the person, the potential future, and the identity we once carried with that time of our life. If we don’t grieve, it will linger, causing us to never truly let go until we do.

Duality is not a story. Duality is just a complexity.

Edward Norton

The more we allow emotions to be, the more we see that they don’t feel the need to overpower us unless we aren’t paying attention. We see the duality that can exist within them. That we can feel grateful and free from a relationship ending. While also still grieving and feeling the sadness that it’s over. Very little, if anything, in this world is black and white. And when we label the world around us in absolutes, it removes our ability to see through different perspectives.

Emotions are a gift is we see them as such. When we suppress emotions, we don’t suppress the specific feeling, but the ability to feel all together. The scariest part of living is not feeling sadness, or anger, or grief; it’s feeling nothing at all.

Understanding that when we feel an emotion it does not define us, allows us to move through with less identification. You are not your thoughts. You are not your emotions. You are not others perception of you. You are limitless, boundless, and quite frankly, more powerful than you believe yourself to be.

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