One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from Human Design…

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Is don’t offer unsolicited advice… 

For almost all energy types, you are meant to wait…

As a Projector, we may see the inefficiencies in something, we may see the patterns, we may see the path forward, we may have the gift to be able to guide… and if you have a defined spleen, you may have the consistency in your intuitive abilities as to why something may be the way it is.. or how it may play out…

But that doesn’t mean the other person wants to hear it or is ready to hear it… or that it’s even your place to say anything about it.

This is the ultimate example of “wait for the invitation.” 

And for Generators… “wait to respond”…

Wait to be asked…

And the beauty in waiting to offer advice, help, etc. is that the other person won’t feel invaded. 

It will build trust that you are there for them without trying to change them or their path.

You can tell people you’re there for them, you can offer support, but until someone asks you for your opinion, your 2 cents, your intuitive wisdom, they may honestly just want a safe place to be heard.

Some people like processing things on their own.

Some people trust or are learning to trust their internal wisdom and guidance, their intuition, and don’t want outside opinions interfering or adding confusion/mixed messages.

Some people are meant to learn the lessons through the experience they’re going through… I’ve called this “karma blocking” on my part in the past. By telling them “what’s going to happen” whether I’m right or not… does not benefit them if they are meant to learn through the experience. And it doesn’t benefit our relationship if I’m unsolicitedly telling my opinion.

If you are someone who wants to help others and who feels called to, I’ve found it incredibly beneficial to have an outlet for that…. where people come to you and ask you for your help.

Volunteering or being in any helping profession gives people the ability to tap into their desire for change and to help others. 

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way… multiple times, but having an outlet through my work has dramatically helped my personal relationships. 

And even recognizing through my work, that people are not always looking for a “fix.” Sometimes people just want support, validation, and to be heard in a non judgmental forum. 


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