Bringing women together from all over the world to support each other on their healing journeys.

VIRTUAL   |   June  19  &  July  11

  11am  or  8pm Eastern Std



Taking group coaching to a soul-centered place, bringing women together to support each other on their healing journeys.

Women’s Healing Circles offer support, guidance, and a safe space to be heard for all women, regardless of where they are on their healing journey. Every Circle begins with the opportunity for sharing or coaching. 

Skills and tools are taught to facilitate lasting change and growth. Topics are surrounding mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Circles are for women of all ages looking to build connection and community with like-minded, supportive women. Circles are small to foster platonic intimacy.

Current ages of women in Circle are 22-74.  (Neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ friendly)

* FSA / HSA Health Savings Plans Cards can be accepted as payment for circles.* 

My Education & Certifications

Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Herbalism from Florida School of Holistic Living

Bachelors of Science University of Central Florida

MBA Rollins College

Ceritifed Group Fascilitator 

Certified Trauma Professional

Somatic Therapy for Trauma Treatment Certification: Healing attachment, racial, and collective trauma through the body (ongoing)


Virtual Circles

We meet virtually via Zoom.

JUNE    19

JULY 10 & 24

11am or 8pm Eastern Std.

Denver, CO Circles

1155 N. Sherman St. Suite 111, Denver CO 80203

JUNE  20    @  6:30pm  MST

JULY  11 & 25  @ 6:30pm  MST

It breaks my heart every time a woman shares a story about her feeling like she’s “too much…”

…where she analyzes what she said, how she said it, if she shared too much or came across as awkward or off-putting. 

Many of the women I work with share similar experiences, whether it’s in Circles or working one-on-one, and often my immediate thought is: “I would love to have a friend like you!”

Often we surround ourselves with people, places, and careers that are not in alignment with us. And we feel the criticism, lack of acceptance, or understanding of who we are and why we operate the way we do. 

And it feels like there’s something wrong with us. So, we mask to fit in or dim an entire part of our personality. 

One of the many things I’m so passionate about is creating environments where women feel seen, recognized, and appreciated for who they are… without this pressing need to be any different. 

And to connect them with other women who feel similarly and who would resonate with them. 

There is nothing wrong with you. 

You just may be in environment or surrounded by people who don’t support your vibrant and unique self. 

And all it may take is shifting who and what you surround yourself with to feel loved and appreciated for who you are. 





“Danielle naturally brings community together in a heart-felt and grounded way…”

Danielle naturally brings community together in a heart-felt and grounded way, creating a safe-space for everyone involved. I felt so connected to myself and the atmosphere during her circle and left feeling 10x more peaceful than when I had arrived. She is truly gifted and an incredible group leader!


Erin G.

“Danielle offers a wide range of topics that help with self-discovery, personal insight and development.”

Danielle is wonderful! The Little Moon Wellness healing groups have provided a safe and open space to connect with others.  It feels wonderful to be able to carve out that safe space throughout the month; a time to just be honest, imperfect and still okay. I am grateful for Little Moon Wellness, for Danielle’s openness and commitment to others. I highly recommend to any and all. 🙂




Cayla L.

“I feel so supported by Danielle and the other ladies in the group.”

I absolutely love starting my week with the Women’s Healing Circle! I feel so supported by Danielle and the other ladies in the group, and it’s so amazing to spend time connecting with people who “get it.” I’ve been using Little Moon Wellness’ services for over a year, and it has certainly changed my life for the better! I can’t imagine life without my bi-monthly women’s circles. I’m so happy I joined, and feel so lucky to be a part of this little community 🙂




Jordyn L.


Here are the amazing benefits you’ll receive with your subscription:

Discounted Subscriptions

Discounted subscriptions are available including two sessions per month. Each session is an hour and a half. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. 

It´s inclusive & for all women

Women’s Healing Circles offer inclusivity to women of all ages, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

It´s supportive

Women’s Healing Circles offer a safe space to be vulnerable and feel heard. Everyone has the opportunity to share and comments are reserved, so women feel accepted and comfortable to share.

It provides skills and learning

Lessons, skills, and tools are taught to facilitate lasting change and growth. Take home exercises and further learning materials are given for anyone who wishes to continue to explore topics outside of the group on their own time, but it is not a requirement.

It´s confidential

All sharing* is confidential and kept within the online group space and not shared outside of group.

*unless a posing a threat to yourself or others

It offers Group Coaching

Group coaching opportunities are available upon request from a Trauma-Informed Coach. Continued support is available outside of Circle.

“Danielle has provided an encouraging and compassionate space to speak my truth without judgement or criticism.”

I joined this group to heal and grow myself after a breakup. I had done one on one counseling before but found that it lacked the connection I was looking for. Joining the Healing Circles, Danielle has provided an encouraging and compassionate space to speak my truth without judgement or criticism. You can tell she has a passion for what she does by the amount of planning and effort that goes into each session. One of my favourite parts of our healing groups is the time to share our weeks at the beginning of the session and then being sent off with “homework” at the end. These activities make me feel supported while also reminding me that the power to change is in my hands.




Hi, I’m Danielle

Women’s Circles transformed my life and created a place of support and nurturing through some of my hardest years.  I felt the call to share this experience with other women, to bring them together and to help rewrite their stories of sisterhood, to strengthen the bonds, foster connection, and to help facilitate self-acceptance through acceptance of each other.

I have been blessed over the past three years being introduced to so many beautiful humans: getting to hear their stories, share their pain, and understand compassion and empathy in a whole new way.  

Women inspire me: their strength, their compassion and understanding, their intuition, their wisdom, their love.  

Women are stronger together.  When we come together, we learn we’re not alone. The stories and wounds we carry around other women can be dissolved. We share similar fears, insecurities, and (unfortunately) traumas.  By coming together, leaning on each other, and supporting each other we begin to rewrite the stories we have around other women.  

Not only did I want to create a safe container for women to feel heard, I wanted to take my coaching to the next level.

Women are meant to thrive. They are meant to be empowered, intuitive, and passionate. Through rewriting narratives and beliefs, and growing self-confidence, self-worth and self-love, we can transform the world.










Frequently Asked Questions

01. When Are VIRTUAL Circles Held?

Circles are held twice a month on Mondays.
There are 2 different time slots available to join.

11am or 8pm
Eastern Standard Time

Upcoming Dates:
JUNE 5 & 19
JULY 10 & 24

AUGUST 7 & 21


02. When/Where Are IN PERSON Circles Held?

JUNE  6  &  20  
JULY  11  &  25

AUGUST 8 & 22

6:30 pm Mountain Standard Time

1155 N Sherman St. Suite 111 Denver, CO 80203

03. What is the commitment?

There is no commitment to Women’s Healing Circles.

You can stay for however long the program resonates with you and your journey.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time

04. what's included?

Virtual group coaching twice a month
Exercises, lessons, and skills to grow your personal toolkit
Support, empowerment, connection & community from like-minded women
Private access to the Women’s Healing Circle Facebook Page
Early access to all Little Moon Events

05. Do you offer circles in person?

Yes! Circles are now being held twice a month at Jupiter House in Denver, CO (1155 N Sherman St. Suite 111 Denver, CO 80203). Virtual Circles will continue to be held virtually to foster community across state and country lines, as they offer more safety, as well as, the ability to connect women from all over the world.

For those in the Denver area, New Moon Circles are now being hosted at Clayton Members Club, too!


As Women’s Healing Circles continue to grow, I wanted to create a weekend of connectivity, expansion and healing. And to provide the women with the opportunity to meet and connect in person.

The first Women’s Healing Circle Retreat is tentatively being planned for Fall of 2023.


Healthy Habits
Life’s Purpose
Shadow Work
Defining Success
Healing Triggers
Overcoming Heartbreak
Coping Mechanisms
Limiting Beliefs

Mental Health

Improving Relationships
Self Doubt
Healthy Communication
Healing Sisterhood Wounds
Understanding Yourself
Mindset Shifts
Judging Others
Developing Your Intuition



It has been a wonderful collection of women, created a safe space for me to talk about things I’ve had trouble sharing with others…”

I have been a member of her online Women’s Circle. It has been a wonderful collection of women, created a safe space for me to talk about things I’ve had trouble sharing with others, given me a sense of camaraderie and see that I’m not the only one going through stuff. Danielle holds the circle very well. She’s empathetic, supportive, inquisitive, playful.


Allison A.

“Little Moon Wellness is the most non-judgmental, open-minded, supportive place for women to be themselves.”

If something has lead you to checking out coaching with Danielle, you probably found her for a reason. Little Moon Wellness is the most non-judgmental, open-minded, supportive place for women to be themselves. If you can find the time and space, you won’t regret it. I am a licensed, practiced mental health therapist and Danielle continues to teach me new stuff every meeting with her and the other people in her support circles.




Mallory M.

“Continually supportive, and encouraging to take the next step into your next version of well-being.”

Oh my goodness. A healing space to be sure. Continually supportive, and encouraging to take the next step into your next version of well-being. Step by step into the light and lightness. ❤️








Tracey O.

You’re Not Alone

Over the past few years, we have collectively experienced new levels of loneliness and disconnect. Safety and security have felt threatened in a variety of ways. Feelings of fear, anxiety, hopelessness, and overwhelm have become the new normal. Questioning what’s the point, or what life will look like in the future, and wondering if you will ever be able to return to a life of connectivity, support, intimacy and expansion has been on a lot of our minds.

Women empower each other, we lift each other up, and we know that anything is possible with the right community behind us.

“It wasn’t until I found a community of like-minded, soulful women that I began to shift my hopefulness surrounding the world we live in, deepen my trust in the Universe, and feel deeply connected to others and to my path. Even though it’s virtual, it has given me something to look forward to every other week and has provided deeper connection to myself and others in an isolated world.”

With the right support system, encouragement, group coaching, and a safe place to heal from past wounds, we are able to step into and embody our highest self.

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