You Can Manifest When You’re Depressed

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You can manifest when you’re depressed.

Lately, I’ve been trying to understand manifestation on a deeper level. I’ve been discouraged because the things I’ve been trying to bring into my reality weren’t showing up how or when I wanted them to.

I was reflecting on all of the major things I’ve manifested in my life, new careers, my homes over the years, relationships both platonic and romantic, and even money to understand what worked and why.

The first thing I recognized, which you’ll hear extensively in manifestation, was detachment. I desired something, I thought about it, then I let it go… I didn’t try to micromanage it’s arrival nor was I focused on whether it was even coming. Life was so much busier pre-Covid. And while I don’t think it was super healthy how busy we all were, it was still a distraction. Personally, I wasn’t overly focused on my manifestations because I didn’t need to be. I had so much other stuff going on that I was focused on at the time.

The other thing I noticed was that a lot of my major life changes and manifestations came at a time when I was pretty low or depressed. I had no hope and was sitting in a magic dark.

My last romantic relationship presented itself when I deeply hated men and was unbelievably bitter.

My current house fell out of the sky when I had given up all hope on finding something. The market here in Denver is (still) crazy, and I had put offers in on a ton of homes and was always severely outbid. I had been living out of an Airbnb for 6 months accepting that it may just not be in the cards for me and to look for other options (also detachment). But I felt hopeless.

In both situations detachment was present, but so was “low vibrational” emotions. Deeply heavy emotions that felt like a cloud hanging over me everywhere I went.

While I think there’s a lot to be said about loving yourself and having a solid foundation of self-worth, you can manifest without it. And your manifestation can help you co-create love for yourself.

You don’t have to do everything on your own.

You don’t have to be happy all the time for good things to happen to you.

That’s toxic positivity. And I think manifestation culture is full of it. You don’t have to think positive and feel high vibrational emotions in order to manifest.

In the quantum world is there proof it helps, yes. But if you’re faking it, your lying to yourself and the Universe.

And sometimes honoring the full range of the emotional human experience is exactly what we need to accept and integrate into our lives to get what we want.

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