Helping you heal from the            , step into                           , and manifest the life of your                 .




Helping you heal from the           , step into                           , and manifest the life of your                             

I help soul-centered, passionate, empathetic women take aligned action toward the life of their dreams. By healing from past wounds and stepping into authenticity, I believe that you can radically transform your life. 

My dream is to empower all women to become the greatest version of themselves, to stand in their worth, to have unwavering confidence, to see how truly beautiful they are inside and out, to value and believe in themselves, and to embrace what they are capable of.


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Facilitate lasting change and growth as you identify and shift out of repeating patterns and heal wounds preventing you from living in alignment with your highest self.

Meet twice a month with like-minded women from all over the world in a unique group coaching experience that fosters connection and community.

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"I look forward to my counseling sessions with Danielle every week! She really listens and helps me work toward my personal health and emotional goals. I feel safe and not judged opening up and sharing with her. We cover a lot of ground each session, leaving me with a lot to think about and practical ways to process/practice each week."

- Amy m.

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We are all on our own journey of self discovery, year after year. Suddenly at the end of 2020, I found my journey had stalled. The challenges I faced lacked the type of support I needed to hurtle them. I didn't know what I needed exactly but I asked for energy to guide me onto my next path and that is where my new story of self discovery begins with Little Moon Wellness. Through support and building of a toolbox in which I can pull various wisdom, I was and still am able to grow and see my truth on this planet.

- Stephanie w.

client success stories