Here’s what clients are saying about 1:1 coaching and women’s circles:


I get more out of one session with Danielle than I have from all my years of counseling combined.

I highly recommend Little Moon Wellness!! Danielle has come into my life like a magical guardian angel.  I come out of our sessions feeling so empowered, super optimistic, and excited to try the new techniques Danielle suggests that help make my life instantly better. 

We tackle all areas of life during our appointments and I am always shocked by how much we cover in an hour without anything feeling rushed. If you are looking for someone to give you great coaching and motivation for anything from healthy eating, motivation to exercise, organizing your house and life, spirituality, family relationships, positive self-talk, improved self-esteem, or anything else. 

Danielle is incredibly intuitive which makes her so well suited for this style of life-coaching. I cannot thank her enough for the positive changes she has helped me bring into my life.



Danielle has been a key asset to my healing, growth and development which has allowed me to make tremendous strides in my personal growth, business and spiritual development.

 As a therapist myself, I can say Danielle is such an easy person to open up to and has a wonderful way with words that allows me to refocus and ground myself in my truth when I get caught up in the stressors of life. Such a breath of fresh air! I could not recommend Danielle enough!

Taylor K.


Danielle has provided an encouraging and compassionate space to speak my truth without judgement or criticism.

I joined this group to heal and grow myself after a breakup. I had done one on one counseling before but found that it lacked the connection I was looking for. Joining the Healing Circles, Danielle has provided an encouraging and compassionate space to speak my truth without judgement or criticism. You can tell she has a passion for what she does by the amount of planning and effort that goes into each session. One of my favourite parts of our healing groups is the time to share our weeks at the beginning of the session and then being sent off with “homework” at the end. These activities make me feel supported while also reminding me that the power to change is in my hands.

Eliza M.


I am grateful for Little Moon Wellness, for Danielle’s openness and commitment to others.

Danielle is wonderful! The Little Moon Wellness healing groups have provided a safe and open space to connect with others. Danielle offers a wide range of topics that help with self-discovery, personal insight and development. It feels wonderful to be able to carve out that safe space throughout the month; a time to just be honest, imperfect and still okay. I highly recommend to any and all.”

Cayla L.


Danielle really listens and helps me work toward my personal health and emotional goals.

I look forward to my counseling sessions with Danielle every week!  I feel safe and not judged opening up and sharing with her. We cover a lot of ground each session, leaving me with a lot to think about and practical ways to practice each week.

Amy M.


10/10 recommend Little Moon Wellness for truly holistic support!

I’ve been using Little Moon Wellness’ services for over a year, and it has certainly changed my life for the better! I can’t imagine life without my bi-monthly women’s circles, or Danielle’s coaching sessions. 🙂

Jordan S.


Danielle is so respectful and truly listens.

Danielle is absolutely wonderful. I had to opportunity to have a 1 on 1 and we made great progress and found the root of a situation I was in and why I felt the way I felt. I enjoy my time with Danielle. I have been in her group sessions and she always acknowledges each and everyone and gives everyone an opportunity to speak. I highly recommend getting in touch with Danielle at Little Moon Wellness, you will not be disappointed! I am looking forward to our next session.

April P.


This program has helped me on my journey not only by having me look at things that I didn’t think were affecting me but also walking me through healing them.

I signed up for one class with Little Moon after seeing an ad on Instagram. From that first class, I could see that this group/program was meant to cross my path. Small group size leads to a more comfortable atmosphere to talk about the day’s topics and allows us a safe space to speak amongst woman who are at all different stages of life. It also offers a platform to be vulnerable about things that may not come up freely in other spaces for us.  Danielle is objective, professional and a great group leader.

Melinda B.


If you want enter a relationship where you feel heard and understood and then leave empowered with the tools to grow – working with Little Moon Wellness (Danielle who you will come to know and love) will show you the path there.

We are all on our own journey of self discovery, year after year. Suddenly at the end of 2020, I found my journey had stalled. The challenges I faced lacked the type of support I needed to hurtle them. I didn’t know what I needed exactly, but I asked for energy to guide me onto my next path and that’s where my story of self discovery begins with Little Moon Wellness. Through support and building of a toolbox in which I can pull various wisdom, I was and still am able to grow and see my truth on this planet.

Stephanie W.


Danielle truly is gifted at what she does.

 No matter the circumstances she is there every step of the process with you guiding you intentionally so you see your results. Its been a joy to be able to work with her and support her business as she is really one of the best out there in the state of Colorado + beyond!! Can’t recommend her services enough!

Michaella W.


Love, love, love Danielle.

Love, love, love Danielle. Great listener, relatable, down to earth, Kind, empathetic. Love the women’s healing circles.

Heather P.


It is so comforting to be offered such a safe place with like minded women from all over!

It has been such an uplifting experience since connecting with Danielle and her Women’s Healing Circles! It is so comforting to be offered such a safe place with like minded women from all over! In these trying uncertain times connecting with others is so paramount in maintaining a healthy mental health environment and Little Moon Wellness and Danielle have been just that to me and so many other women ! Thank you, Danielle and all the other Goddesses involved 🙂

Lacey M.

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