Hi! I’m Danielle, 

4/6 Splenic Projector

I am here to be the woman I needed when I was younger… to inspire, empower, and teach women how to deepen their self-love and stand in undeniable self-worth. 

I want to share my knowledge with women to give them a toolbox to navigate the world in an empowered and fulfilling way.


Years Experience





I am a Certified Trauma Professional, and I work within the realm of narcissist abuse recovery, as well as, relational traumas. I utilize shadow work and inner child healing within my coaching. By releasing and healing from the past, letting go of any beliefs, patterns, and narratives that are no longer serving you, I am here to help you deepen relationship with self and strengthen your self-love and self-worth. 

I’ve spent the past 6 years digesting as much knowledge on psychology as I can through healing from my own trauma and narcissist abuse, overcoming codependency and healing my attachment wounding. 

I’ve gone from crippling anxiety, depression, self-hatred, to building a beautiful life of independence, freedom, joy and self-love. 

There is hope on the other side of pain. Healing is possible. Creating the life you feel like you’ve been robbed of is doable, and you don’t have to go it alone.

* In addition to Trauma Recovery and Life Coaching, I also have a background in nutrition and holistic health, hormone regulation, herbalism, and I also have my  MBA with background in management, operations, marketing, and entrepreneurship which can be utilized for business coaching.


Where it all began and how it´s going now

2014: Herbalism & Holistic Health

After a year of chronic illness, I began to look into alternative healing methods. From 2012-2014, I studied herbalism at the Florida School of Holistic Living. In 2014, I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, focused on a holistic approach to mind, body, and spiritual wellness. I healed my body within a year with a naturopathic approach.

2017: Masters of Business

In 2017, after years in Corporate America, I furthered my education in business and received my MBA from Rollins College. I am now able to utilize this background to help clients who own their own businesses and for coaching advice surrounding career changes, entrepreneurship, business optimization, and more. 

2020: Certified Group Facilitator

During Covid,  I felt incredibly called to create containers for connection, community, and a safe space to be vulnerable and express/work through emotions with others. I wanted to expand my coaching to group events. So, I participated in an 8 week program that certified me to become a group facilitator. I began hosting Moon Circles and Women’s Circles in 2020, which are now being hosted virtually and in person today!

2021: Certified Trauma Professional (CCTP)

After receiving my holistic health certification, it became increasingly clear how important mental, emotional, and spiritual health was to your overall wellbeing. Those 3 topics became my primary focus in my coaching practice. Over the years, I noticed that I naturally began attracting clients who came from traumatic backgrounds, suffered from CPTSD and other trauma related ailments.  With a desire to further my own personal knowledge on trauma and be able to provide support and coaching methods for my clients who come from past traumas, I received a certification as a Trauma Professional.

This certification includes 10 Core Competencies of Trauma, PTSD, Grief & Loss, Evidence-Based Trauma Treatments & Interventions, Desensitization, Integration & Closure. 

2023: Somatic Therapy for Trauma Treatment: Healing attachment, racial, and collective trauma through the body

It’s important to me to be continuing my education within the realm of trauma. Top down approaches are very influential to those who are beginning their trauma work, but I often find that those clients who are very self-aware need more of a bottom up (body based approach).

This certification includes somatic therapies such as Somatic Experiencing®, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Hakomi. It explores early developmental trauma, collective trauma, racialized trauma, trauma numbing and shutdown.

2023: Healing from Sexual Trauma Certification: Using Therapeutic Alliance with Adult Survivors

Many of the women I work with have a history of sexual abuse, domestic violence, or narcissist abuse. It’s important to me to be continuing my education to be able to work with all forms of trauma with an appropriate understanding and approach and offer the best support possible to each of my clients. 

2023: Relational Trauma: Psychodrama and Experiential Interventions for Treating Childhood Wounds in Adult Clients

Trauma is multifaceted, it affects us on an individual, collective and relational level. Healing all aspects of trauma is important to healing. Understanding how our childhoods have shaped us and are still currently impacting us in the present moment is important. As a coach, we work with your symptoms in the present, but it’s beneficial to understand the patterns in wounding.

2023: Janina Fisher's Trauma Treatment Certification Training (CCTP): The Latest Advances and Proven Techniques to Resolve Deeply Held Trauma (ongoing)

Continuing to expand upon my original CCTP certification with Janina Fisher’s latest training in August to stay up to date with the latest treatments. 

2023: Narcissistic Abuse In-Depth Workshop with Ramani Durvasula (ongoing)

Narcissistic Abuse is where my trauma work began, and what I find to be most common amongst my clients. I have my own experience overcoming narcissistic abuse and healing from gaslighting, but I always like to expand my tool box outside of my own personal scope of experience and learn from specialists.

2023 and beyond

I get more out of one session with Danielle than I have from all my years of counseling combined.

Danielle has come into my life like a magical guardian angel.  I come out of our sessions feeling so empowered, super optimistic, and excited to try the new techniques Danielle suggests that help make my life instantly better. 

We tackle all areas of life during our appointments and I am always shocked by how much we cover in an hour without anything feeling rushed. If you are looking for someone to give you great coaching and motivation for anything from healthy eating, motivation to exercise, organizing your house and life, spirituality, family relationships, positive self-talk, improved self-esteem, or anything else. 

Danielle is incredibly intuitive which makes her so well suited for this style of life-coaching. I cannot thank her enough for the positive changes she has helped me bring into my life.


Angela B.


And want to see if we are a good fit?


working together is based around my values

Safety & Validation

Creating containers and environments where women feel seen, heard, understood, valued, and safe to express themselves is important in every aspect of the work that I do. It takes time to build trust and safety in connection, but it is my main priority in both my coaching and women’s circles.

Often, relationship trauma teaches us that other humans are not safe and cannot be trusted. Many of the women I work with have experienced betrayal and abandonment trauma, emotional abuse, and other forms of relationship trauma.

It takes active listening and careful questioning, alongside compassionate understanding to rebuild safe and trusting relationships. I aim to create coaching environments that heal relationship traumas through compassionate listening, validation, and experiencing safe and healthy connection.

“Being validated by feeling heard and seen is a precondition for feeling safe, which is critical when we explore the dangerous territory of trauma and abandonment.” – Bessel van dar Kolk

Connection & Community

 Humans are meant to be in community with others. We heal relationship traumas through experiencing safety in connection. By having our needs and boundaries respected and honored, receiving support, validation, and acceptance, we begin to heal. 

I find the women that I work with feel like there is something wrong with them or that they need to change in order to be accepted and/or loved. I firmly believe that every human is inherently worthy of love and acceptance. Often, when we aren’t receiving it, it is because we are in the wrong environment, sometimes surrounded by people who don’t understand us, and therefore don’t accept us. 

One of my core values is creating supportive, understanding, loving and accepting environments where women can thrive. By highlighting how every person’s uniqueness and humanness makes them lovable, I aim to bring people together to create safe containers for them to thrive. 


Compassion & Empathy

“Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.” – Peter Levine

So many people grew up in environments where they were taught to suppress their emotions and where their uniqueness was rejected. As adults, when you haven’t had healthy love modeled to you, you tend to continue to love others the way you were loved. Hurt people hurt people. So, we often end up in relationships that continue the same childhood narratives of “we are too much,” “too emotional,” etc. 

Compassionate witnessing, listening, validating and understanding is one of the ways to heal trauma. Creating a supportive environment where clients feel safe to feel, process, and integrate happens when they are able to explore the full range of emotions and thoughts that may have been suppressed. We can begin to heal trauma when receive the love, safety, trust and connection that was lacking at the time of the traumatic expriences or events.

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