Why I’m Calling Bullshit On Manifestation

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If you know me, you know that I’ve been preaching manifestation for the last at least 5+ years. I see the power that it holds in creating your dream life. I see the hope and confidence it brings to people.

I started learning about manifestation with the law of attraction. I think the law of attraction is a lot of people’s gateway into the world of energy work and even spirituality. To this day, I still believe you create your reality with your thoughts… but not in the way I once believed. When I first started out, I understood that you actually create your world (manifest) from your thoughts. Which now, I understand that you manifest from your subconscious. How you create your reality from your thoughts is simply on how you choose to view the world around you. If you’re looking for a red car, you will begin to take notice,and see red cars. The same for if you choose to see the world with a positive lens, you’ll see how the world is working in your favor. If you choose victim mindset, you’ll see how the world is working against you.

When you tell people your thoughts manifest, it leads to toxic positivity. It creates stress whenever we have a fearful thought that what we just thought will then manifest into your reality. Fearful thoughts can manifest in your reality if you take action to support the thoughts. So if you think your partner is going to leave you, and then you hyper focus on it and begin to self-sabotage the relationship, then that’s how your fearful thought can manifest into your relation. But you chose the actions and reactions to create that reality. The thought it self did not cause your partner to eventually end up leaving you. This also puts a lot of weight on those who struggle with mental health. If you are depressed, you can still manifest. You do not need to create this perfect reality around you in order to manifest.

Last year, I created a manifestation course. It was out of passion and to share something I love with the world. I ended up putting it on pause because last year was also the year I felt like I manifested the least. I had been fully in sync with the moon cycles, manifesting on the new moon and by six months later I had created the reality I had put on paper. And then 2021 was a giant pause from the Universe. I felt like a fraud putting a course out on a topic that I felt subpar in at the time. How can I teach others to manifest their dream life when I’m struggling to manifest the bare minimum?

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.

Amelia Earhart

I spent 2021 trying to understand and manipulate energy. To shift and change who I was, to “raise my vibration” to attract the life I desire. And today, I’m sitting in skepticism calling bullshit. I think all the teachings of manifestation are great. They’re super fascinating and help propel people onto a path to become their higher self. But they also create a lot of discouragement when what we’re doing or changing isn’t working or producing tangible results. There’s a notion to become perfect in order to attain success or the life you desire. When in fact, that’s not true.

Yes, the law of cause and effect is real. Yes, feeling like you are worthy and deserving of what you desire plays a role in manifestation. But why? So that you go after what you want. So that you begin taking aligned action and mapping out the steps to take towards your new reality. You can sit at home and manipulate energy all you want, and what you want might magically appear. There have been many occurrences of a random phone call coming through with an offer or connection, divinely orchestrated and divine timing. But if you’re looking for a new job, the best thing you can do is start communicating that. By communicating it to others , you’re opening up more opportunity for someone to think of you when they hear of a new job opportunity. You can create networking opportunities within the network that you already have. Even applying to new jobs may get you more confident in interviewing that when a job just a little out of reach comes through, you’re able to walk in there and own the interview.

I’ve had the realization over the past few weeks that I manifested some pretty amazing things and connections when I was at my lowest places emotionally. Which triggered me to second guess all of the things I had been trying over the past year in order to manifest. The one connection I could make between all of my manifestations was the actions I took to open new doors and create more possibilities for things to come through. And 98% of the time I was stepping outside my comfort zone to do so.

  • I manifested my first group of friends that I considered to be family by making myself uncomfortable and going to a new place alone, where I knew no one. I felt awkward and shy, but over time and consistently showing up, my friend group grew.
  • I manifested an ex by walking up to him and introducing myself. Something I had never done nor could have ever pictured myself doing previously.
  • I manifested my current home by looking at the market a year before I purchased. I flew out to look at houses, and I moved before I had a place to live. I lived in Airbnbs for 6 months while I refined my search and what I was looking for.

There was a lot of fear and resistance in each of those situations. But a lesson I’m learning is differentiating between resistance that you should walk away from (your intuition/the Universe communicating to you that something isn’t right) and resistance that you should walk towards (your ego trying to keep you safe in your comfort zone, when the best thing for you is to break through it).

There’s a lot of trust that goes hand in hand with manifestation, and I’m not saying that the other manifestation tricks don’t work. They work for some people. I think if you trust and believe in whatever you are doing fully, then there’s a really good chance that it will work for you.

For me, I’m seeing the connection between manifestation and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Taking aligned action towards your dreams and goals is part of it, but part of it is making yourself uncomfortable. What you most likely want in your life is something new and different and for that to come into your space, you need to be vulnerable to change.

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